Hmong New Year Celebration — first two Saturdays of November! —

24 Oct

Midterms are over so come celebrate the Hmong New Year over the next few Saturdays around the greater Seattle area. The Hmong people are culturally situated in the southwest of China and boast beautiful textile work often known as “flower cloth”. The following events will celebrate the Hmong culture, language, artistic innovations, and musical celebrations of their New Year.

If you cannot attend, I’d suggest checking out music from Hmong musical groups available for free here–


Saturday November Ist, 2008:


The first day will the HMONG NEW YEAR at Issaquah Community Center, on Saturday, November 1st, 2008. This event is for the Hmong community to celebrate its culture. The New Year at the ICC will open at 10AM and end at 11PM. Ball tossing starts at 10AM and goes on for the entire afternoon. Come dressed in your best Hmong outfit! The stage program will start at noon. In the evening, the program will transition to an evening performance with dancing and entertainment for everyone.

ACTIVITIES: Ball Tossing, food, traditional singing/dancing/instruments.

GUEST PERFORMERS: E.T. Yang, Forever Band, Es Lis, Nruas Pov Xyooj,

Saturday November 8th, 2008 (afternoon)


The second day will be the HMONG NEW YEAR CELEBRATION at the Seattle Center Centerhouse, on Saturday, November 8th, 2008. This event will be for showcasing our culture to the Seattle community. The New Year at the Centerhouse will open at 10AM and end at 5PM. The stage program will start at noon and end at 5PM. Ball tossing will start at 10AM. The event at the Seattle Center will not change from previous years.

Saturday November 8th, 2008 (evening):

On November 8th, 2008, come to the EVENING CONCERT at Bellevue Community College, with Lob Laig as the main performance. Tickets will be sold at the HAW booth at the the Hmong New Year. Tickets are $12.00/advance and $15.00/at the door. All proceeds benefit the Hmong New Year activities. Formal/semi-formal attire only.

This year the band Lob Laig, a popular Hmong band from Wisconsin, will be performing at the Hmong New Year Celebration at Seattle Center. An evening party will be planned on the evening of Saturday, November 8th, with Lob Laig as the main attraction.

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