Chamber Dance at UW *October 9 -12*

10 Oct

Last night I attended the Chamber Dance company’s 20th anniversary performance at Meany Hall. Celebrating the modern/post-modern in dance, I am both pleased to recommend the performance as well as hesitant to brand it an all together dance-piece. The first three performances were set to famous music pieces (Night on Bald Mountain, Valkeryie) and utilized silk sheets and a fantastic lightshow to create a very fluid, mesmerizing performance. But the “dance” aspect itself was lost in the push for modernist interaction with various medias. Little more than spins and repetitive arm movements (to move the sheets connected as seen in the picture to the left) were used. The lights were gorgeous, but then again, I didnot attend the Chamber performance for a LSD-inspired lightshow.

Finally, the core dance program was brought onto stage with the fourth performance. From then until an unfortunate post-modernist piece, there was compelling choreography and movements to entertain your eyes (no lights! thank goodness). After two fabulous performances, the most unfortunate piece came onto stage.

Now I appreciate social/political commentary… as a political science student, I know the necessity of bringing issues to light with whatever means possible. But the Bull (1994) “dance” (there goes those “‘s again) between two males in tuxedos did not succeed in its message. Touching, grouping, slapping, and much crotch-grabbing was the jist behind this overly-long “comedic” piece. There was no dance involved (albeit one intricate balls-grabbing jump into each other’s arms). It was noisy, offensive to conservatives in the audience, and unfortunate that the few children in the audience were enjoying the slapstick more than the adults.

For two amazing dance performances, please check out the Chamber Dance Program’s 20th anniversary at Meany Hall.

Ticket Pricing:
18 General Admission
$16 Faculty/Staff/UAA
$10 Students/Seniors

For a light show and a poor effort at social comedy– well…. check out the Chamber Dance Program’s 20th anniversary.

(As always, the review is IMHO *in my humble opinion*)


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