“Black Gold” premiere at ArtsWest *Oct 22nd – Nov 15*

5 Oct

The 2008 Smith winning original production of “Black Gold” opens in West Seattle on October 22nd! Directed by Christopher Zinovitch, actor and Educational Director of ArtsWest produces this sprawling satire, consisting of six actors playing over 80 parts! My head would spin if I had to memorize all those different lines/characterizations!

Check out the summary from the ArtsWest homepage:

What happens when an African-American man living in Detroit’s inner-city purchases an oil rig on eBay and discovers one of America’s largest oil reserves right under his own backyard? Will the poor get rich or will the rich just get richer?

Christopher Zinovitch (ArtsWest Director of Theater and Education) directs six actors playing over 80 roles in the World Premiere of this fast-paced, vaudevillian satire of class, race and greed in a country that will go to dangerous lengths to keep the cheap crude flowing.

The award-winning BLACK GOLD (2008 Smith Prize, Best New Play) is the perfect play for the days immediately preceding – and following – the 2008 presidential election.

Buy your advance tickets HERE: https://www.choicesecure01.net/mainapp/eventschedule.aspx?clientID=artswest


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