UW Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities

1 Aug

In-Process Exhibition

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Opening Reception and Student Presentations: Monday, August 4th, 12-4pm
Exhibition duration: Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2008, 12-4pm

The 2008 UW Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities In-Process Exhibition presents student project work in progress as a means for experimentation with concepts and work at the intersections of ‘Media and the Senses’. These projects have emerged from the initial 5 week seminar section of the Institute where we explored topics such as the perception of time and space as place, space, and experience; site specific, installation and new media art; affect; making and production; the reception and distribution of media.

The Artists:
Julia Bruk
Gretchen Cook
Will Damon
Kendal Lund
Nishali Nanayakkara
Brittany Dennison
Claire Fox
Andrew Franks
Sohroosh Hashemi
Sol Hashemi
Jason Hirata
Ari Kirby
Seungwha Lee
Jen Mao
Laura Paul
Nicole Poinski
Chris Stevenson
Justin Vice

The Faculty:
Carrie Bodle
Axel Roesler
Jentery Sayers
Phillip Thurtle
Regina Wandler
Sarah Wang


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