Tell Us What You Want To Hear!

19 Jun

The Artslink blog has been around for about six months now and during that time, we have collected quite a passionate, engaged and interesting community of readers. Though it’s summer and school is mostly out, we’d like to continue the blog, and hopefully, to improve it before the next school year.

Originally we began this blog as a way to list and host discussions of arts related events that were going on via the initiative of UW students. However, over the school year, primarily due to the guidance of our fabulous blogger and fellow Artslinker, Jessie, the blog has expanded to include information and discussions about art events all across Seattle. And might I say, it has been a continually surprising and exciting experience to see our traffic continue to improve dramatically from month to month.

In an effort to continue building this online arts community and improve the blog, we’d like to hear from you about what matters. Tell us in the comments what you currently like about the blog and what you want to see more of in the coming months. If you’d rather send your thoughts via email, that’s fine too. You can reach us at

Happy summer everyone!


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