Erin Frost ‘Captive Creatures’ exhibit — until June 28th —

6 Jun

Erin Frost is erotica made hazy by surrealism. So lovely.


Showing June 2nd – 28th, 2008
Captive Creatures by Erin Frost           

Erin Frost presents new photographs that explore reconstruction and transformation through self-portraits, pursuing ideas of myth and ephemeral moments, as well as ideas of power possessed and given in to. Frost’s erotic and surreal traditional black and white photographs are influenced by the decadent and dangerous tales of dreams and memory. Through the intuitive process of self-portraits, often using mirrors to distort and transform, she works with the concept of reinvention fueled by creative desire.             

Some Space Gallery
625 Ist Ave @ Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98104
PH: 206 718.3104

What sets “Captive Creatures” apart from your past shows?

“Captive Creatures” is more a continuation than a departure. However, it does strive for a beauty that insinuates something uncomfortable and even dangerous at times. The realization that transformation occurs within — and because of — the restrictions involved, captive in mortality, consciousness and body. It stems from ideas of power, restraint and possession. (From


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