Digital Arts & Experimental Media Thesis Show Opens 12 June

6 Jun

The University of Washington’s Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media program and the Lawrimore Project are pleased to announce a BFA thesis exhibition of cutting-edge artistic inquiry, opening Thursday, June 12th from 6 to 10PM, running through June 22nd.

more info:

Featured works include installations that explore spatiotemporal aspects of light and sound in relation to the viewer, memory, kinetics, and real-time interactions. Intersecting these installations are environments that employ dance performance, stereoscopic cinema, animation, and a selection of experimental video.

This exhibition is undertaken by thirteen emerging artists investigating areas of convergence between technology and hybrid art forms. The Bachelor of Fine Arts acquired through the DXARTS program emphasizes creative academic research and experimentation through the arts, and this thesis exhibition showcases the final products of that process. The nature of this course of study merges the use of modern tools, techniques and modes of thought to pioneer new directions in contemporary, interdisciplinary art practice.

Seattle’s Lawrimore Project presents some of the most ambitious and innovative shows in the Northwest and is dedicated to carrying forward a critical dialogue between artists, curators, collectors, and the community. Scott Lawrimore’s curatorial instincts, matched with his unique historical perspective, are evident with a quick glance at the wide breadth of shows he has exhibited. From radical installations that transform the entire gallery, to unhinged video, painting and photography exhibitions, Lawrimore’s interventions in Northwest contemporary arts reinforces the new collaboration with DXARTS and will deliver a new emerging artistic logic heavily focused on the frontier of experimental arts.

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