‘The Ten Thousand Things’ at Little Theatre — until June 16th —

22 May

The Ten Thousand Things

a new play by Paul Mullin
directed by Braden Abraham

A mysterious messenger. A frustrated writer. A clock in the desert that will keep time for 10,000 years. A play that changes itself over time. Inspired by the 10,000 Year Clock Project of the Long Now Foundation,  local playwright Paul Mullin (LOUIS SLOTIN SONATA, AN AMERICAN BOOK OF THE DEAD – “THE GAME SHOW”) weaves science, futurism, philosophy and politics together in this world premiere exploring the deep future, directed by Braden Abraham (MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE).

Read a review: http://www.nwsource.com/ae/scr/nws_rev.cfm?c=&rtype=e&id=30453

Price: $10-18.00

Little Theatre
608 19th Ave. E.
Seattle , WA 98112

The Washington Ensemble’s Manifesto:
The Ensemble is invested in the re-examination of the traditional approach to theatre-making. Through a highly collaborative process we produce relevant, immediate theatre of the widest imagination.

The Washington Ensemble Theatre is committed to maintaining an environment wherein our members, as well as artists from our community, are challenged to grow through our work as an ensemble.

We intend for our theatre to be a physical and creative intersection for community and art in Seattle, and we hope to expand our contemporary audience, by fostering a love of theatre’s humanity, utility, and vitality.


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