Avenue Q at the Paramount Theatre — 6/10- 6/22 —

21 May

moST Awesomest Moosical Evah!

For reals guys. Maybe just buy the soundtrack if you do not want to shell out the Paramount prices. The B.A. in English song listed below is just creepy, seeing how I work for a catering company and… well, gettin’ that B.A. in English (with pride!).


Avenue Q is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q; still, the neighbors seem nice. There’s Brian the out-of-work comedian and his therapist fiancee Christmas Eve; Nicky the good-hearted slacker, and his roommate Rod – a Republican investment banker who seems to have some sort of secret; an Internet addict called Trekkie Monster; and a very cute kindergarten teaching assistant named Kate. And would you believe the building’s superintendent is Gary Coleman?!? Together, Princeton and his newfound friends struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Tickets: Online, Box Office (Monday-Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm), and (206) 292-ARTS.

Admission: $70.50-$75.50         
Paramount Theatre
911 Pine Street, Seattle
(206) 467-5510

What do you do with a B.A. in English,
What is my life going to be?
Four years of college and plenty of knowledge,
Have earned me this useless degree.

I can’t pay the bills yet,
‘Cause I have no skills yet,
The world is a big scary place.

But somehow I can’t shake,
The feeling I might make,
A difference,
To the human race.

Morning, Brian.

Hi, Kate Monster.

How’s life?


What’s the matter?

The catering company laid me off.


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