“This Place Called Home” at the Burke Museum

12 May

With only a few weeks left of this great exhibits’ run at the Burke Museum on campus, it would behoove any art students looking for an excuse to escape the Art Building or Odegaard library to check out this exclusive look into Plateau art.


The Burke’s exhibit of Plateau materials from its permanent collection, This Place Called Home, brings to life with beautiful examples the many types of materials depicted in Lee Moorhouse’s 1898–1915 photographs, including beadwork, cradle boards, cornhusk bags, baskets, blankets, and more. It also includes video interviews with tribal elders recorded by Burke staff members. Commenting on objects in the exhibit, the elders discuss the photographs and objects that include, in some cases, their own family heirlooms and ancestors.

Guest Curator Miles R. Miller, of the Yakama and Nez Perce tribes, selected the complementary objects from the Burke’s collection in collaboration with Dr. James Nason, in an effort to bring the photographed historic subjects to life through three-dimensional objects. Says Miller, “This exhibition means more to me than ‘we are still here.’ It’s about tradition, it’s about memory and how artists are taught and continue to teach visual expressions of the Columbia Plateau—this place I call home.” (information from The Burke Museum)

The exhibit was organized by the Burke Museum and such sponsors as 4Culture and the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.


University of Washington campus

Seattle, WA 98195

Free for students, as always!


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