Mark Sarvas Reading/Signing — May 8th —

3 May

Wow– check out his blog! How fun! I just lost myself in it for twenty minutes.


Mark Sarvas has spent the last few years writing about books and authors for his very popular blog The Elegant Variation, and in that time he has spared not one of his uncensored opinions on what does and doesn’t make a good piece of fiction. But our man Sarvas is no Monday morning quarterback—he’s put his own fiction where his mouth (or fingers) is and has produced a debut novel that has Booker winners and National Book Award nominees doling out the praise. It’s a funny and tender debut about a self-involved widower trying to grow up.   

Harry, Revised is the story of Harry Rent, a guilt-ridden, down-on-his-luck widower, who tries to reinvent himself following his wife’s untimely death. His emotional journey takes him from his own solipsistic and outrageously misdirected fantasies about an obsidian-haired, twenty-two-year-old waitress at his local greasy spoon, to the tenuous beginnings of an actual, personal transformation.

University Bookstore
7pm – ?
University Ave.


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