Seattle Shakespeare Company and Wooden O Theatre Merger!

22 Apr

Congratulations to these two fabulous theatre companies! Their efforts have truly situated Seattle as a Shakespeare-centre in the Northwest, producing even more plays than Ashland, OR!


In an unusual move designed to raise the profile and productivity of two respected classical-drama troupes, Seattle Shakespeare Company and Wooden O Theatre have merged their nonprofit operations. (source: The Seattle Times)

Stephanie Shine, the artistic director at Seattle Shakespeare Company issued this notice to subscribers and fans of the SSC.

Our programs will now include: main stage indoor productions, education programs for students and adults, regional touring productions, and free, outdoor summer performances.

If you’re not familiar with Wooden O, they produce free Shakespeare in the parks throughout King County during the summer months. Wooden O is helmed by George Mount, an actor who I have worked with many times and may be familiar to you from our recent production of The Comedy of Errors and his award-winning turn as Kate in our all-male The Taming of the Shrew.

This merger evolves out of the growth and success of both companies. Combining the unique strengths and assets of both organizations gives us an opportunity to achieve even greater community and statewide impact not previously possible. As a stronger, unified theatre company we will be able to provide exceptional year-round experiences for audiences indoors or out, within Seattle or across the state.

(source: The Seattle Shakespeare Company)


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