UW MFA Creative Writing Program in the US top 10!

17 Apr

I have several friends in the English department that have recently been accepted to the our lovely UW’s creative writing program for a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). To not only toot their horn, but also the University’s the US News and World Report who is responsible for a respectable ranking system of colleges and universities around the world have this to report:

Rank/School Average Reputation (5=Highest)
1. University of Iowa 4.5
2. Johns Hopkins University (MD) 4.2
2. University of Houston 4.2
4. Columbia University (NY) 4.1
4. University of Virginia 4.1
6. New York University 4
6. University of California–Irvine 4
6. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 4
9. University of Arizona 3.9
10. Boston University 3.8
10. Cornell University (NY) 3.8
10. University of Massachusetts–Amherst 3.8
10. University of Montana 3.8
10. University of Washington 3.8

The rating system is based out of 5 (5 being perfect). So there we are– topping the list nation-wide and among such greats as Cornell and University of Michigan!

It’s because of great students and their successful work that brings a department alive.


One Response to “UW MFA Creative Writing Program in the US top 10!”

  1. Tom July 17, 2010 at 8:18 am #

    What an impressive list you have created. Great job!

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