The Kosher Red Hots — April 17th —

13 Apr

Seattle Presents introduces (or well, presents) this Jewish rock n’ roll, folk, dance (nice genre mix!) band performing during the Thursday lunch-hour down in City-Hall.

The Kosher Red Hots open the rich treasury of Jewish music—whirlwind Eastern European klezmer dance tunes, Yiddish musical theater, swing, cabaret, and Spanish flavored love songs of the Sephardim. The band has inspired dancing in the aisles from Reno’s Artown Festival to Alaska’s Inside Passage on a cruise with Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home companion.

The Kosher Red Hots bring you a spirited clarinet, a powerhouse accordion, a master bassist and guitarist, and an adventurous vocalist who sings in Yiddish, Ladino, and English. Together they play music that turns from rollicking to tender while they weave tales, humor, history, and just plain fun into each concert.

The Kosher Red Hots are committed cultural educators with post-concert talks, workshops, and master classes. This red hot group has been honored with a Washington State Folk Arts Fellowship and a Washington State Music Teacher of the Year Award.

Get ready for dancing in the aisles! (information from


Thursday, April 17, noon-1:00pm

Seattle City Hall Lobby
600 Fourth Ave, Seattle
Info 206-684-7171.


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