Cape Flats Up-Rocking: On Race, Resistance and Rap in South Africa –April 10–

7 Apr

South African rapper Shaheen Ariefdien will lecture on race, resistance, and rap in South Africa. This lecture is part of the Popular Culture and the Arts in Africa project, which introduces African material and perspectives into campus and community conversations on contemporary music, visual media, and graphic arts.

Shaheen Ariefdien “has always been politically and socially conscious, which stems from his school days when he was a member of the Student’s Representative Council and was actively involved in protests at school. He brought an air of political awareness and criticism to his lyrics, and has been understandably harsh on the old Apartheid government. As an MC, he is almost unsurpassed in South Africa, while his production skills are dominant on all of POC’s releases to date. He has also made his mark on hip-hop history in South Africa, as he was one of the key members who were responsible for setting up the African Hip Hop Movement, and still concentrates on development in the hip-hop community.

Former member of the pioneering South African hip-hop group Prophets of da city, he is now involved in a number of youth educational projects using hip-hop as a tool for social justice and has facilitated several youth programs in South Africa and abroad. He is currently completing his M.A. in social anthropology at York University in Toronto, Canada, with his research area focusing on hip-hop and education.

Price: Free!

Location: Communications 226

Date & Time: Thursday, April 10th, 3:30 pm


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