The Last Scattering Surface

28 Mar

Josiah McElheny makes installations and discrete sculptures that explore crucial moments in the development of modernity, its visual and theoretical undercurrents. His interest in the history of modern science finds its fullest expression in The Last Scattering Surface. Working with astrophysicists at Ohio State University over several years, McElheny has created a vivid tangible model of the Big Bang, the explosion postulated to represent the beginnings of organic matter. Characteristically the form also quotes visual culture, specifically the gigantic chandeliers of New York’s arch-modern performance space, Lincoln Center. In celebration of the exhibition’s opening, McElheny will discuss The Last Scattering Surface and the relationships between concepts such as history, fiction, and memory at play in his work.

When he was named a Macarthur Fellow the Foundation described his work as “objects of exceptional formal sophistication, exquisite craftsmanship, and conceptual rigor.”


$10 members / $15 general / $12 students and seniors at Brown Paper Tickets

Location: Kane Hall, Room 220

Date & Time: April 4, 7:30 PM


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