Colman Park Makeover — March 29th —

25 Mar

Bring a frisbee, a peanut butter (jelly optional) sandwich, and some friends to work on cleaning up Colman Park on Lake Washington before the summer crowds begin to muck it all up again.

Come assist the Urban Forestry staff as they continue the restoration of the forest at Colman Park. Typical activities include removal of invasive plants, trail work, and spreading of mulch.


Colman Park is located just south of the old Lake Washington Floating Bridge. The beach itself is adjacent to Mount Baker Bathing Beach, but is a part of Colman Park.

The beach features grass, big drooping willows, and picnic tables. If you’ve brought along your Frisbee, football, soccer ball, or volleyball, the grass to the north makes a friendly playing ground.

Start Time: 10:00-2:00
Location: 1800 Lake Washington Blvd.; call contact for more info
Cost: none
Contact: Jillian Weed 206-423-1608
Sponsored by: Seattle Parks Urban Forestry Unit


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