Moliere Take II: “The Miser” at Seattle Shakespeare Company

9 Mar

In recent years, the Seattle Shakespeare Company (SSC) has added one classical play to their repertoire to expand their directors, artists, and actors talent into different genres. This year, the Moliere engine steams on in Seattle with a comic production of Moliere’s “The Miser,” directed by Robert Currier. The performance runs from March 13th-April 6th.

The Miser: Monsieur Harpagon is a skinflint’s skinflint. He’d rather marry off both of his children than part with one measly cent. So he attempts to – and nobody’s happy about it! Through silly scheming and bamboozling banter everyone in Harpagon’s household tries to pry either a lover or a fortune from the greedy geezer’s grasping hands. Todd Jefferson Moore plays the comic cheapskate in Molière’s side-splitting classic gem.

Purchase tickets by calling:
Phone: 206-733-8222

The Seattle Shakespeare Company is located in the Seattle Center House.

Getting to Seattle Center:
* From I-5 North or South, take the Mercer Exit (#167)
* Turn right at bottom of ext onto Fairview Ave. N.
* Take immediate left onto Valley St.
* Valley becomes Broad St.
* Turn right at Harrison (just after the underpass)
* The Seattle Center will be directly ahead of you at 5th Ave.


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