Puccini’s Tosca at the Seattle Opera, Feb. 23-Mar 9

21 Feb

If you do not own a generic “The Most Relaxing Classical Music of All-Time” CD, then it’s time to log into Amazon.com, Itunes, or any other mp3 preview site and listen to the 25 seconds or so of Puccini’s “Vissi d’arte,” the driving aria behind Tosca. I am tempted to end my blog-post there, as even 25 precious seconds of that song should be enough to make a date with the Seattle Opera for one of its 9 performances.

Set in Rome in 1800, the story revolves around the glamourous diva, Tosca, who is adored by Cavardossi, an artist but also a political radical. Wishing for him to turn away from his revolutionary tendencies and into the safety of her love, she is plunged into darkness when Cavardossi is incited in conspiracy as he happens upon an escaped convict. Taken into police custody, Tosca must play herself as the bargaining chip for her lover’s life.

Seat’s range from $25.00 and up, and are available at the Seattle Opera website: http://www.seattleopera.org/index.aspx

February 23-March 9th, McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center

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