Spectrum Dance presents “The Theater of Needless Talents,” Feb-March

19 Feb

The Spectrum Dance studio located in Madrona has garnered much attention over the last several years. Their commitment to bringing this visual art to diverse audiences has led them from coast-to-coast and even Europe, preforming avant-garde masterpieces. Always accompanied by stellar reviews, this troupe of highly talented artists presents one of the most difficult stories of our 20th century history– the Holocaust.

The Theater of Needless Talents was composed by an interned Czech Jewish musician, Erwin Schulhoff, who was inspired by the Jewish artists interned during this period. This program of both music and dance is meant to awaken us to the ghastly dehumanizing treatment of the Jewish community, as well as other minority groups that are continually enduring human rights violations to this day.

Come see Schulhoff’s The Theater of Needless Talents at the Madrona Dance Studio, and witness this stirring, difficult piece.

February 22 to March 2
Madrona Dance Studio
800 Lake Washington Blvd.
7:30 pm (Fri & Sat); 5:30 pm (Sun)
Tickets are $20 at the door or available online at http://www.spectrumdance.org


2 Responses to “Spectrum Dance presents “The Theater of Needless Talents,” Feb-March”

  1. jessimay February 24, 2008 at 10:46 am #

    Seattle Time’s Review:

  2. tonyalockyer February 27, 2008 at 1:17 pm #

    It’s great you’re writing about dance. But I disagree that dance is best defined as a “visual art.” It’s primarily kinetic and usually considered a “performance art.” A dance makers sensibility is primarily attuned to motion. Dances can definitely be highly visual, but the visual is not what makes dance distinct from other other art forms, like say–visual art! There are even dances created for audiences that are blindfolded.

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