ZAP! Frye Art Museum: R. Crumb Comics Exhibit ZOINK!

18 Feb

R. Crumb, a pioneer of underground “comix” and founder of Zap Comix, has been key to the dramatic transformation of comic books into an adult literary form. Cultural critic and lifelong student of human nature, Crumb tackles in his art issues and obsessions that bubble beneath society’s surface: sex, drugs, race, violence, and government repression. His comics are populated by a cast of characters based on American archetypes—Flakey Foont, Angelfood McSpade, Devil Girl, Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, and even a cartoon version of Crumb himself— who testify to the complexities of the human condition and the spiritual and social searches we all undertake.

This exhibit is ongoing at the Frye Art Museum until April 27th.

Accompanying the Crumb exhibit is a further look into the world of comic books with film critic Robert Horton who will be giving a talk entitled “Comic Book Style in Film,” discussing the roles and perception comic book elements gives to a broad scheme of cinematic genres. This talk will be held Sunday, February 22nd at the Frye Art Museum, at 2pm.

Admission to the Frye is free, everyone! Comic books as intellectual territory + free = a fulfilling Sunday afternoon.


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