Seattle Arts and Lectures presents Li-Young Lee

13 Feb

My Indigo by Li-Young Lee

It’s late. I’ve come
to find the flower which blossoms
like a saint dying upside down.
The rose won’t do, nor the iris.
I’ve come to find the moody one,
the shy one,
downcast, grave, and isolated.
Now, blackness gathers in the grass,
and I am on my hands and knees.
What is its name?

Little sister, my indigo,
my secret, vaginal and sweet,
you unfurl yourself shamelessly
toward the ground. You burn. You live
a while in two worlds
at once.

Tuesday, Feb 19
Intiman Theatre, 7:30pm
$10.00 for students

Li-Young Lee is one of the most accomplished Asian American poets of our time. Born in 1957 in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Chinese parents, Lee’s early years were nomadic. Fleeing Indonesia to escape anti-Chinese sentiment, his family spent the next five years traveling throughout Asia before finally settling in the United States in 1964. The joys and sorrows of that time–of family, home, loss, exile, and love–permeate his work. He is the author of three volumes of poetry, and a fourth, Behind My Eyes, is just out.

For tickets call (206) 621-2230 ext. 10 or visit


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