Interested in Screenwriting? Join the pros!

9 Feb

Join the Screenwriters Salon on February 13th for a panelist discussion on Arts + Commerce. Panalists include Michael Caldwell and Geof Miller. Tickets are only $2.00 for UW students, so bring your IDs! Tickets can be purchased at the door at 6:30pm, the day of the event and doors officially open at 7:30pm. Have fun!

The Screenwriters Salon is a public forum on the craft of screenwriting
featuring panel discussions, staged script readings, and other events
where participants and attendees are encouraged to interact and discuss
all manner of screenwriting and film topics. The program is designed to
foster dialogue between screenwriters, filmmakers, scholars, critics, and
film enthusiasts. Past participants have included Sherman Alexie (Smoke
Signals), Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects), Kimberly Peirce
(Boys Don’t Cry), Stewart Stern (Rebel Without a Cause), and Jim Taylor

Contact for more information.


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