12 Minutes Max: A Performance Exhibition

6 Feb

SEATTLE – On the Boards (OtB) presents the fourth 12 Minutes Max (12MM) of the 07/08 season. The latest installment of this experimental performance showcase runs in OtB’s Studio Theater, Sunday and Monday, February 17 – 18, 2008 at 7pm. $8 at the door (no advanced reservations taken).

12 Minutes Max was curated by Scott Lawrimore & Caroline Brown

Lineup for the 4th 12 Minutes Max of the 2007/2008 Season:

Yann Novak creates an environment both sonic and visual as the audience enters into the theater. Novak’s In Residence’s video and music are constructed from photographs and recordings collected during three consecutive residencies in the fall of ’07 and through computer manipulation both are abstracted. (Music | Video)

Luminal (Katrina Behrand, Jared Friend, Alice Gosti & Michael McCrea) present On an Unattainable Floor, a collaboration of UW Dept. of Dance and DXARTS students who, through sound synthesis, manipulate the sonic environment between dancers, the audience and the physical space around them. (Dance | Music)

Kitty Poole, played by recent NYC transplant Becky Poole, is a 6 year old performance artist who shifts between monsters philosophizing on dreams about Sting, to playing the musical saw while singing fairy tales. (Theater)
Part theater, part cabaret, part country show, Joanna Horowitz presents an excerpt from her new one-woman country musical directed by Stranger Genius Award winner Jennifer Zeyl. (Theater | Music)

Helsinki Syndrome(Rachel Hynes & Mike Pham) return with Upper Culmination, a work-in-progress inspired by the position of a star at a point on its circle above and closest to you. Who the star represents is up for interpretation, but there is a dance with recycled bear skins, songs, audience participation, and secrets left untold. (Theater | Stuff)

A-Hole Barishnikovs (Richard Lefebvre & amp; David Bucci) make their 12 Minutes Max debut with stories about miserable people in everyday situations accompanied by noise guitar with drum / base loops. (Performance Art | Music)


Scott Lawrimore opened Lawrimore Project, a contemporary art gallery in the International District of Seattle in June of 2006 which supports artists in all media with an emphasis on video installations and works of an architectural nature. It was short-listed for the Stranger Genius Award for Arts Organization and was named one of the 50 Best Emerging Galleries (one of only 7 galleries in the U.S. to be named) by Contemporary magazine; the most widely distributed visual arts publication in the world.

Caroline Brown is a freelance facilitator in Theater and Media for Development where she works with community groups helping marginalized people use performance as a tool for advocacy. This past spring she worked with BABES Network – YWCA, a non-profit organization of women living with HIV/ AIDS, helping them create a full length performance sharing their stories.


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