Rome – Design in the Urban Context: The Power of Images, The Art of Propaganda

7 Jan

Program Director: Christopher Ozubko
Dates of Instruction: August 20 to September 21, 2008

The seminar will be based at the University of Washington Rome Center, housed in the 17th century Palazzo Pio in the heart of historic Rome. Built on the foundations of the Theater of Pompey, ancient Rome’s first permanent theatre (dedicated in 55 B.C.), the Palazzo adjoins the Campo de’ Fiori, site of Rome’s most attractive open air market. The Center provides studio space, a library, a computer lab, as well as logistical support.

Program Instructors: Christopher Ozubko, Professor of Design & Director of the School of Art, and Lisa Schultz, Art Historian.

Courses fulfill a total of 8 credits in art/design/art history that will apply to Autumn Quarter 2007. Participants should check with Art academic advisors to determine how these credits may apply to major requirements.

Student costs:  
$3,800 Program Fee
$200 IPE Fee
Additional costs include: Field trips, museum entrances and excursions included. Additional costs include return travel to Rome, food (approx $15-30 day), health insurance and personal expenses!! This program is open ONLY to design students: contact program director for application information !!



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